My name is Rose-Marie Swift and as a child my first introduction to the glamour of the beauty industry was my Mom's large round box of white face powder overflowing with the most beautiful pink feathers. I put that powder on every square inch of my body and topped it off with the brightest red lipstick that I could find on her vanity table. I was in heaven. From that moment on, I didn't leave my two younger sisters alone. I would make them up to look like every thing from movie stars, to the Munsters. 

I can't remember a time when I wasn't doing a beauty treatment on someone. I started to really experiment with my own look which seemed to change with every fashion season, trend and mood. I permed my hair, then straightened my hair, then colored my hair. I painted my eyes black and my lips deep purple, painted my eyes deep purple and my lips black. I bubble bathed myself, sparkled myself, tanned myself, whitened myself, creamed myself, oiled myself, luminized myself. Not only was I doing this to myself, but I would also copy the results on all the models at work. 

As the years went by, I started to lose my hair - and my memory! At one point I couldn't remember what I had done the day before. I had panic and anxiety attacks continually and my hormones were out of control. I found myself getting sicker and weaker and could not get a proper night's sleep at all. My body was in a constant struggle with candidiasis - a yeast infection throughout my whole body. For years, traditional doctors told me there was nothing wrong, until I finally ended up in the hospital with a completely weakened immune system. 

I finally took responsibility for my own health and paid for some very extensive (and expensive!) lab work. When the long awaited results of my tests were revealed, the lab technician had one question for me...




I was dumbfounded to learn that make-up and skincare products could cause serious health issues. Sure, companies advertise how their products make us look, but why doesn't anybody tell us how they can make us feel? My tests showed that I had toxic levels of the heave metals lead, cadmium, aluminum, barium and mercury. I also had high levels of pesticides and many other chemicals in my system. The lab even said to me, "we can't believe you're even walking around."

I have done several cleanses to detoxify all these metals and chemicals from my body. I have also done many fasts, used colonics for intestinal cleansing, and eliminated the candidiasis through diet and removal of my mercury fillings. After studying nutrition, I began eating only organic foods and eat raw foods as often as possible. And now, I have to admint, I feel great.

My love affair with make-up has not waned. I still earn my living in the fashion industry, and still love my work. Ever since I took my health in my own hands four years ago, I have not stopped educating myself about the dangers of beauty products. And a more recent interest studying environmental issues has lead me in a circular fashion right back to the cosmetic industry. It is not a problem that will not go away if we ignore it. 

I consider it my responsibility to share my personal experience and knowledge about these chemicals in our cosmetic' skincare products so that you too can make informed decisions about your own health and beauty. We can all have healthy, radiant, beautiful lives if we know the truth. I hope you can take the time to further expolore my slite. Remember:


Rose-Marie Swift

Rose-Marie Swift