Judging from what you see on television and read in fashion magazines, your beauty care regimen must be a 12 step project including several over-priced, technologically advanced products. Would it shock you to learn that creating healthy skin is easy and requires only simple products?

Simply Beautiful Skin

In the name of convenience, cosmetic companies have developed disposable make-up wipes loaded with harsh chemicals that can severely damage the skin—especially the delicate eye area. They also challenge our environment by unnecessarily adding to the land-fills. Instead, use a little organic coconut oil to lightly wipe off eye make-up. Even water-proof mascara slides off easily. And the best part? Your skin and lashes are nourished with natural essential fatty acids (EFAs) and bathed in antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial lauric acid found in the oil. 

Organic cold-pressed oils including coconut or almond are also excellent choices to moisturize drier skin. Certified organic cold-pressed oils are solvent-free and contain no pesticides or genetically-modified ingredients. To add sheen and moisture to your body skin, along with a good dose of healing EFAs, you can also use pure organic virgin cold-pressed oils. Synthetic oils (mineral oil, petrolateum) used in many mass-market beauty products are known to clog pores and cause breakouts. Even worse, the chemicals are xenoestrogenic (zeeno-estrogenic), meaning that they act as estrogens in our bodies and alter the healthy function of our hormonal system. It’s not a wonder that we are seeing increases in hormone imbalances, weight gain, uncomfortable PMS, difficulty with peri-menopause and increases with both infertility and reproductive diseases up to and including breast disease. Manufacturers use these ingredients because they are inexpensive, so they can make a lot of money. Rather than using budget on quality ingredients, they spend money on fancy packaging and celebrity endorsements.