Simply Beautiful Hair

TV commercials and magazine ads often show a gorgeous model with a frothy head of bubbles to sell designer shampoos. As a result, we’ve come to expect a boat load of foam to let us know our shampoo is working. But all that foam comes from the inclusion of sodium laurel sulfate in the fancy bottle, and sodium laurel sulfate contributes to hair loss and scalp damage. For a more gentle clean, break free from your addiction to mile high suds, and try shampoos using natural saponins (foaming agents) that clean your hair and scalp without causing dehydration and damage.

As with all beauty care products, be skeptical when you see the word ‘organic’ on shampoos. The amount of organic ingredient used in many formulations isn’t effective anyway. And any organic ingredient found in a sea of chemicals becomes quickly neutralized. (See Labeling Tricks for more information.)

For a simple hot oil treatment, add a palmful of organic coconut oil or olive oil to dry hair. Put on a shower cap and wrap your head in a towel. Wait 15 minutes; shampoo as usual. You won’t believe how luxurious and silky your hair will feel!